Howto: Etch your own circuit board



For those of you still using breadboards or toiling over protoboards, circuit etching is the next step in your at-home fabrication. Etching circuit boards allows you to spend more time designing a project and less time assembling it. Etching boards cuts back on the amount of wired clutter on a board, provides easy reproduction, and allows you to work with surface mount components. Furthermore, learning to etch boards at home will save you time and money over professional fabrication.

Having etched a few circuit boards now, I feel I have the experience to pass on some of my knowledge. I was nervous the first time I etched a board so my goal to provide enough information for anyone reading this guide to create their own circuit boards- without having to second guess themselves throughout the process. This is an all-encompassing guide that describes the materials, prep-work, and final etching.